Here are the ways I can help with 4 stages of an app’s creation:

Enhance the concept

Including levers of growth from origination

  • Define app monetisation plan to increase revenue and profitability
  • Define a retention and review strategy to build reputation and visibility
  • Ensure compliance with Apple’s guidelines
  • Analyse competitors: revenues, downloads, strengths and weaknesses
  • Align levers with target audience to maximise revenue

Implement the app

Building a user-friendly and attractive app

  • Define specifications for the main user functionalities and the navigation based on ‘use case’ scenarios
  • Create screens wireframe and collaborate with design team to create an attractive User Experience and choose engaging icons
  • Develop an app in accordance with best practises that will be easy to evolve and maintain, and define test plan and beta test with real users

Release the app

Building a communication and visibility strategy

  • Broader discoverability with relevant keywords
  • Appeal to customers with attractive and engaging description
  • Create marketing screenshots and App Preview video to boost downloads
  • Create a buzz: Reach specialised and niche media to announce the release, grow a social community around the app or a Facebook app page, etc.

Increase App Store Optimisation (ASO)

Growing your visibility, downloads and revenues

  • Analyse app performance: Number of views on the store, downloads, revenues, reviews
  • Improve performance with a pragmatic ASO methodology (changing app name, keywords, icons, screenshots, etc.)
  • Convert your bad reviews to good ones on Android
  • Reward customers who spread the word


After a Master’s degree in Computer Science, I have been working for three years in an IT consulting company where I developed project management skills on large financial and insurance projects.

       In 2009 I started freelance activities by creating my first apps when Apple first introduced the App Store.  My activities at that time involved working with design teams, language translators and other developers to make high quality apps. Since then my expertise has widened to adapt to the app store evolution and I have been also focusing on real new challenge: being visible in large and saturated stores and increasing app performance (downloads, reviews, visibility and revenue) with App Store Optimisation (ASO). My app collection is therefore a large asset, as it allows me to test new strategies and stay abreast of new challenges in the app industry in a very efficient manner.

       Since 2014, I have also used my extensive experience to assist start-ups and SMEs at all stages of their mobile development.

Technical skills


editor_Icon  Editor Apps

Currency Converter

With 2.2 million unique downloads.
Reviewed by the Guardian.

Unit Converter

With 2.6 million unique downloads.

Animal Sounds

With 3 million unique downloads.
Awarded on iTunes Rewind as one of the most downloaded apps on the French App Store in 2010

contractor_Icon  Contractor Apps


An educational app for a French start-up that raised €1 million in 2015

  • Conducted workshops with CEO and CTO to build the specifications (defined functionalities, navigation, etc.)
  • Managed the mobile development team
  • Worked in collaboration with design and back-end teams
  • Developed the iOS app

BestWool – NZ

  • Developed iOS & Android  app
  • Beta-test on TestFligh
  • Publish the app

Incu.io – Auckland NZ

The simplest way to capture, collaborate and fast track ideas to innovations

  • Designed the app from scratch with client
  • Build database and API with Firebase
  • Developed the iOS  app
  • Beta-test on TestFlight

App Store Optimisation Result in 2016

More App’s pages views
More downloads
Monthly users


Olivier Bernal

La turbine
3-5 Esp. Andry Farcy,
38000 Grenoble

Tel : 06 11 52 32 60
Email : olivier@oworld.co

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